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    Before meeting Amanda I had the typical speech path that would just push our son to label and categorize. Our son dreaded these sessions. Amanda’s approach is much different-she somehow manages to mield her instruction into something fun. She is unafraid to go beyond a structure setting, and uses the interest of the child to promote teaching. She is a hidden gem, and we are lucky to have her!

    - Lara, Mother of 2, Troy

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    My son has cochlear implants due to a profound hearing loss. Amanda is great with him. She is very patient and always comes to each appointment with many activities to engage my son. He looks forward to her weekly visits.

    - Terry, mother of 2, Royal Oak

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     Amanda is one of the few SLPs in the area who has many years of experience working with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing population. She has extensive knowledge in both assessing and providing effective therapy for this unique population. Amanda uses various strategies with DHH students such as Visual Phonics and various auditory training strategies and American Sign Language. She has been an advocate for her students and a parent educator. I can honestly say that I hold her in the highest esteem both personally and professionally. 

    - Christine Spike, M.A., CCC-SLP

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    Amanda engaged my son right from the start.  She creates a comfortable learning environment using fascinating props and tools.  We actually look forward to speech therapy!  As a busy mom, it’s also convenient that she comes directly to his school where my son is already familiar. I couldn’t be happier with his progress.  

    - Maggie, mom of 2, Farmington Hills

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    The schedule has been AMAZING because Amanda is willing to come to his preschool, which he attends 5 days a week.  This allowed us to begin addressing his articulation concerns so much earlier than we would have been able to otherwise.  She has worked well with his teachers and us to communicate goals and accomplishments for the week, which helps us all help him.  He has made great progress and learned phonics without realizing it, so sounding out words while learning to read has been a breeze!  We HIGHLY recommend Amanda as she makes it easy to start at an early age and fit speech therapy into the daily routine.

    - Melissa and Craig, parents of 2, West Bloomfield

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    Amanda’s sessions could be called “therapeutic play” because the speech sessions are very active.  For example, for “G” sound practice Amanda played soccer to try “getting goals” and set up a car race, inspiring shouts to “go green car go!”.  Active play is EXACTLY what a 4 year old boy needs to stay focused and interested in learning and practicing sounds.

    - Melissa and Craig, parents of 2, West Bloomfield

  • Testimonial

    It’s such a convenience having her meet in our home. Amanda always arrives with energy and enthusiasm and a prepared lesson for the session. She brings any materials she needs and is creative and adaptable depending on a 7 year-old’s mood or energy level.


    - Denise, Mother of 3, Bloomfield Hills

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    Amanda is a professional, reliable and knowledgeable speech therapist. She is always on time and always ready to get to work. My daughter looks forward to their sessions and truly enjoys her time with Amanda.  Being a mom herself, Amanda is very in touch with the needs of young children and always makes my daughter’s sessions feel like fun, not just work. She goes out of her way to find things that my daughter would like and treats her with kindness. 


    - Naomi, mother of 2, Birmingham

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