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Parents Test

Michelle, Mother of  2

Amanda has been an amazing SLP during an unprecedented time! She truly cares about my daughter and it shows. She works hard to cater to her passions and interests and uses these during their sessions. Amanda is incredibly creative and effortful when planning the sessions. She uses a schedule to help my daughter plan for what she will do each time they meet. She is cognizant have her limitations and individualizes each appointment for her and her current goals. My daughter looks forward to seeing her and asks each day if she has Speech! 

Ghidaa, Mother of 7, West Bloomfield 

Amanda has changed my son’s life in the best ways possible. She is compassionate, creative, kind, patient, understanding, persistent, resourceful, the list goes on and on. She is truly a genuine person with a heart of pure gold. She goes the extra mile to make sure that my son is not only learning but actually enjoys his sessions and continued requests to work more. Amanda has taught my son how to use communication skills in a multitude of ways and has helped our entire family learn how to communicate better with him to further improve his speech. Our family is incredibly blessed to have Amanda in our lives!

Grant, Father, West Bloomfield 

Ms. Amanda is an absolute star!  We came to her by recommendation from our daughter's preschool teacher for speech therapy, and could not be more grateful that we found her.  Under Ms. Amanda's guidance for the past two years, our daughter has absolutely thrived against some seriously challenging odds.  We honestly believe that nothing we have done for her has had the same drastic impact as these weekly sessions.  


After Covid hit, while all of our daughter's other teachers and therapists struggled with shoe-horning their old techniques into our new "virtual" reality, Ms. Amanda shocked us with her seamless transition.  On week one, she appeared on Zoom sitting in a virtual boat, ready to do a lesson around that setting, and our daughter was enthralled!  She looks forward to her speech sessions every week (in stark contrast to all of her other online instruction) and is always surprised and delighted with whatever journey she embarks on that day.


Outside of her instruction sessions, Ms. Amanda is also a zealous advocate for our daughter.  It's so obvious that she genuinely cares about her success, and will not hesitate to take initiative on her behalf.  Without any request from us (but after seeking permission), she reached out to our daughter's new kindergarten teacher at the beginning of the year offering a brief update of her progress, and an invitation to collaborate in any way that would be helpful.  As parents of a child with some challenges, we've learned that it is both exceedingly rare, and immensely valuable, to have someone who is genuinely in your child's corner.


Words honestly cannot express how appreciative we are that Ms. Amanda has become a part of our daughter's life, and we would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone in need of her services.

Debbie, Mother of 4, Birmingham

“Recommendations for an awesome Speech Therapist…Amanda has been our in-home speech teacher for years. She helped us with our son and now our daughter. Having her come to our house is very helpful. This allows me to get work done with my other children and not disrupt their schedules. Amanda is amazing at making speech fun. She uses games and new technology which keeps my kids entertained through the whole lesson. I strongly recommend Amanda for anyone looking for a talented, fun, engaging child speech pathologist.”

Maggie, Mother of 2, Farmington Hills

Amanda engaged my son right from the start.  She creates a comfortable learning environment using fascinating props and tools.  We actually look forward to speech therapy!  As a busy mom, it’s also convenient that she comes directly to his school where my son is already familiar. I couldn’t be happier with his progress.

Meg, Mother of 2, Troy

“My daughter Blair really enjoys working with Ms. Amanda! Amanda is engaging, patient, and flexible. She has a strong understanding of Blair’s hearing loss. We love that she comes to our home and works with Blair on a personal level. She incorporates speech into everyday play and makes it fun. Blair’s speech is improving with every visit!”

Lara, Mother of 2, Troy

Before meeting Amanda I had the typical speech path that would just push our son to label and categorize. Our son dreaded these sessions. Amanda’s approach is much different-she somehow manages to meld her instruction into something fun. She is unafraid to go beyond a structured setting and uses the interest of the child to promote teaching. She is a hidden gem, and we are lucky to have her.

Denise, Mother of 3, Bloomfield Hills

“I highly recommend Amanda Tompkins as a private speech therapist. Amanda has been giving speech services to my daughter, Birdie for over three years. We’ve seen incredible progress in that time. I appreciate the way Amanda is always up on the latest research regarding speech therapy and applies it in her lessons with Birdie. It’s such a convenience having her meet in our home. Amanda always arrives with energy and enthusiasm and a prepared lesson for the session. She brings any materials she needs and is creative and adaptable depending on a 7-year-old’s mood or energy level.

Amanda has been very flexible when rescheduling needs to happen. She also makes herself available during school vacations so we are able to continue services. Amanda has communicated with other specialists who work with Birdie at school which helps ensure that we are all on the same page. Amanda is a valuable part of Birdie’s team. Again, I am confident in recommending Amanda Tompkins. I’m happy to provide more information if needed.”

Terry, Mother of 2, Royal Oak

“My son has cochlear implants due to a profound hearing loss. Amanda is great with him. She is very patient and always comes to each appointment with many activities to engage my son. He looks forward to her weekly visits.”

Audra, Mother of 2, Birmingham

“I met Amanda through my daughter’s preschool. She was evaluated and we felt that our daughter needed a “push” to correct some of her speech. Amanda was amazing with her. And a couple of months later, our daughter was excused from further therapy. Amanda has a way with young kids. My daughter loved her. And so did I . “

Naomi, Mother of 2, Birmingham

“Amanda has been working with my daughter for the past six months. We have seen significant progress in her speech since she has been seeing Amanda. Amanda is a professional, reliable, and knowledgeable speech therapist. She is always on time and always ready to get to work. My daughter looks forward to their sessions and truly enjoys her time with Amanda. There is always time for questions and discussion at the end of our sessions.

Amanda has a very broad knowledge of speech issues and explains things thoroughly. Being a mom herself, Amanda is very in touch with the needs of young children and always makes my daughter’s sessions feel like fun, not just work. She goes out of her way to find things that my daughter would like and treats her with kindness. Amanda has been a great source of help for my child and I highly recommend her to families with children who are struggling with speech issues.”

Melissa and Craig, Parents of 2, West Bloomfield 

“We sought out speech therapy after we noticed our preschool-aged son was having articulation issues with many sounds. Amanda’s sessions could be called “therapeutic play” because the speech sessions are very active.  For example, for “G” sound practice Amanda played soccer to try “getting goals” and set up a car race, inspiring shouts to “go green, car go!”.  Active play is EXACTLY what a 4-year-old boy needs to stay focused and interested in learning and practicing sounds. 

The schedule has been AMAZING because Amanda is willing to come to his preschool, which he attends 5 days a week. 


This allowed us to begin addressing his articulation concerns so much earlier than we would have been able to otherwise.  She has worked well with his teachers and us to communicate goals and accomplishments for the week, which helps us all help him.  He has made great progress so far and learned phonics without realizing it, so sounding out words while learning to read has been a breeze!  We HIGHLY recommend Amanda as she makes it easy to start at an early age and fit speech therapy into the daily routine.”  

Lauren, Mother of 1, West Bloomfield

Amanda is exceptionally skilled, but more importantly, she is warm, personable, and approachable. Previously, my three-year-old son dreaded going to speech. Now he looks forwards to the days' Miss Amanda comes. She has totally changed my son’s perception of speech and language. In just over a month of seeing Amanda, his speech has become remarkably clearer. Furthermore, as a working mom, Amanda does an amazing job of keeping me very informed, and involved, as she leaves projects we can all “practice” as a family. I am truly blown away and grateful for Amanda!



Seth H. Forman, MD, FAAP West Bloomfield Pediatrics, PLLC


“As a pediatrician practicing for over 15 years in the West Bloomfield and Novi area I have referred dozens of patients to Amanda for speech and language therapy. I have worked professionally with Amanda and am extremely confident in her ability to assist young children with their speech development.  

I am so confident in Amanda’s ability as a speech therapist that I entrusted her with my own child’s therapy when he was in need of speech therapy. The results of her work were great and I witnessed first hand the professionalism and ability she has in working with young children. She not only treats the patient but facilitates the education of parents to assist with speech in their own children.  Over the years I have heard the same praise of Amanda from the dozens of patients I have referred to her. Amanda’s clinical skill is only matched by her great empathy and compassion for her patients.  As a pediatrician and a parent I highly recommend Amanda if your child is in need of speech and language therapy.”

Shannon Hall
Assistant Director Infant/Toddler/Transition
Jewish Community Center of Metropolitan Detroit
Sarah and Irving Pitt Child Development Center
West Bloomfield, Michigan - WEBSITE

“Amanda Tompkins has worked with our program since 2013.  She has not only offered us professional guidance in the area of speech and language development but has also offered amazing services to our families.  Amanda is flexible to work with, professional, and easily builds trust with children which are key to furthering their development.  Working with Amanda has been a great addition to our program and what we provide to our parents.”

Heidi Wilkinson, Hand-in-Hand Early Learning Center

Birmingham, Michigan WEBSITE

“Amanda was working with one of our students outside of the center when we met.  We had arranged a meeting with her and the parents to receive more information and maybe to gain some knowledge and tools to help the child while in our classroom.  I was struck by the heartfelt passion she has for her career and the child she was helping.  She goes above and beyond her “job.”   I came out of that meeting knowing that I wanted my teaching staff to be introduced to her, to gain more knowledge about the developmental milestones and red flags for speech and language, to learn about her personal philosophy and experience in this field.  I appreciate that she is conservative in her actions regarding each child and I trust that she truly has the best interest of the child in mind.  We look forward to working with her on future projects in our early learning center.”

Mary Scher, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

For over ten years, I have had the pleasure of working with Amanda Tompkins as part of a school multidisciplinary special education team.  Her enthusiasm, compassion, and professionalism have made her an invaluable member of the team.  As a psychologist, I appreciate Amanda’s approach to understanding the whole child. Well-trained and committed to staying abreast of current research, she is both an excellent diagnostician and an effective therapist.  Amanda is committed to her students and works tirelessly to improve their language functioning. She also places a high priority on collaborative work with parents as an essential part of a treatment plan.  Without hesitation, I would recommend Amanda as an exceptional speech therapist.

David Seel, D.O., F.O.C.O.O.

Otolaryngology/Facial Plastic Surgery

ENT Specialists, p.c.

Clinical Assistant Professor Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine

“Amanda, I would be happy to be listed as a referral source for your new website.  Your expertise and reputation in the community as a Pediatric Speech and Language Pathologist is exceptional.  I highly recommend you for my pediatric patients' speech and language needs. ”

Lauren Blitz, Past ECC Director, Temple Beth El, Bloomfield Hills

“Amanda Tompkins has created a trusting and professional rapport within my school’s community of teachers and families. Amanda is always willing to visit our school to do on-site testing, free of charge, she is open and honest with the parent and does not make them feel that she is looking to add another client to her list without a reason.

Amanda has also worked with my staff to help them understand the stages of appropriate language development. This helps them to determine if a referral is necessary. It is a pleasure to work with Amanda and my parents are so happy with her results.”

Lainie Paull Welham LMSW, LCSW

“I’m both a professional social worker and a mother who has had experiences with many speech therapists over the years and I can honestly say that Amanda is great!  She is able to make children feel comfortable and makes therapy fun.  Amanda is knowledgeable, insightful, and truly cares about her clients.  I recommend Amanda wholeheartedly.”

Christine Spike, M.A., CCC-SLP

“I have had the honor of working alongside Amanda for almost 15 years. As a therapist, she is talented, innovative, dedicated, and compassionate. She has a broad knowledge base and seeks to stay current in research and effective therapy practices. Amanda is one of the few SLPs in the area who has many years of experience working with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing population. She has extensive knowledge in both assessing and providing effective therapy for this unique population. Amanda uses various strategies with DHH students such as Visual Phonics and various auditory training strategies and sign language. She has been an advocate for her students and a parent educator. I can honestly say that I hold her in the highest esteem both personally and professionally. “

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