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Early intervention is critical during the preschool years. We can work together to close the gap between his/her current skills and age-appropriate expectations. In addition to improving your child’s communication skills, early intervention will better prepare your child for literacy, increase his/her self-esteem, and sometimes even improve classroom behavior.

The state-mandated benchmarks of elementary schools have significantly increased in the past few years. This means that the state has raised the expectations for your child by increasing the academic workload, decreasing the playtime, and emphasizing independent work skills. Let’s work together, now, to prepare your child for the transition to elementary school.

I follow a parent education model when approaching therapy. That means, that I will empower you to be your child’s best teacher. A child’s success is maximized when he/she is supported at home. Any parent, grandparent, or caregiver that has read this far into my website has proven that their child is their highest priority.  I will identify your child’s needs, develop a plan of treatment, and consistently monitor and modify that plan as your child grows. We have all heard the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child.” I will empower you and the “village” that you have chosen to help raise your child, by teaching you the strategies that will make your child most successful. I welcome the participation of the entire “village”:  grandparents, siblings, teachers, caregivers.



His/her preschool is another ideal place for them to receive this service. It promotes teacher-therapist collaboration, which ultimately makes a stronger impact in your child’s development. To maximize his/her progress, you are invited to observe the regularly scheduled therapy session, at the school. Otherwise, we can communicate via telephone, email, and through daily reports in his/her speech folder. Therapy sessions are individual and are held during your child’s regular school day. We have found that children are most attentive and ready for learning during these hours. Arrangements for this service need to make with the director of your preschool. Most directors are very accommodating and welcome the chance to offer this convenience to their families.


I have a beautiful office in Madison Heights at 13 Mile Road and Stephenson Highway. This is an ideal place for providing therapy, as we have all of the “tools” to work with and motivate your children in one place. We have swings, a ball pit, and gym equipment in our OT gym, as well as, an outside play structure to maximize the children’s enjoyment of therapy.

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