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We have resumed our in-person therapy sessions however still maintain teletherapy services when requested. During the heart of the pandemic, we learned to redirect all of our usual hands-on creativity and therapy fun to digitally interactive activities!
Our team rose to the challenge and reinvented our therapy techniques to provide quality and engaging therapy that the children LOVE!! We use a HIPPA-compliant Zoom format which allows parents, caregivers, and our colleagues in behavioral therapy to be part of the therapy sessions.
The Gigi’s Kids Speech and Language Pathologists are part of a large community of SLPs around the world that share materials, ideas, and resources to make the teletherapy sessions fun and engaging.

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Meet Nolan

A note from Nolan’s mom…


“When we switched to telehealth after being in person 5 days a week, I was a little worried that Nolan would not be able to stay engaged for 30 minutes on a screen doing therapy. After just the first few sessions with Maddie and Sarah, I was shocked. Not only did Nolan stay engaged, but he was laughing and playing with them and didn't want it to end. He didn't seem to be impacted that it was virtual and not in person. They made up cute little ways to do high fives and even one that they do with the elbow called the "chicken wing" that they do instead of high fives that literally cracks Nolan up.


Each day, he will ask when he gets to call Sarah or Maddie again. He looks forward to playing with them each day. They incorporate their toys that they know Nolan loves and some of Nolan's toys that he brings to each session as well. He can't wait to show them each day the different toys.


Recently, Sarah asked me to take pictures of a couple of short books Nolan is learning to read in Kindergarten and send them over to her. Later that afternoon, during Nolan's session, she pulled them up. Sarah was able to help him sound out the words together on the screen while reading along with him. Sarah and Maddie always have such unique ways to make it so much fun. They are always so happy to see him and ask about what he has been doing or what he was doing in school earlier in the day. They seem to be having as much fun with him, as he does with them. I don't know where Nolan would be without the hard, evolving, consistent hard work of Maddie and Sarah.”


Nolan’s Mom

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Meet Julian

A note from Julian's mom…


Julian has been seeing Marci since age 3. She met him where he was, and helped him to keep growing. When problems come up (as they do), she helps us work through them. 

It has been amazing to watch him progress. He works hard, but the reward is worth it.
Marci knows how to make Speech fun, which makes a big difference. Even the virtual platform is no big deal. 

Marci has really been a game-changer for us. Julian saw a few other SLPs before, but nobody matches her skill level, creativity, or dedication to my child. I can honestly say that Marci has been an indispensable guide on our journey. I can't imagine our lives without her!

Shelley Schmitt

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